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Truck Driver Training Programs in Las Vegas, Nevada

AGS TRUCK DRIVER TRAINING AND CONSULTANTS Specializing in CDL Training and Safety is Licensed by the Nevada Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division for Class A or Class B License and have state 3rd party certifiers for on-site CDL testing.

Our training programs are unique: unlike the other training school in Las Vegas area. First of all, our students have names not numbers or “hey you its your turn”. Second when you start your field training you will be assigned one instructor from start to finish. That way you, the student, is not confused. AGS training instructions are conducted on a one-on-one basis when on the road. There will never more than one student per truck.
Truck Driver Training - Las Vegas, NV - AGS Truck Driver Training and Consultants
CDL Training - Las Vegas, NV - AGS Truck Driver Training and Consultants
You will never find a group of students climbing into our trucks for “observation time”. What is observation time? Simply put, students sit in the truck and watch each other drive. Some trucking school often do this, to cut cost their own cost and artificially inflate the total hours of “behind the wheel training“. Most of which is not student driving.

AGS believes, observation times offers little or no training value. We believe you learn to drive a truck by driving, not watching. We focus on you and your skills so you have the best chance of getting a great job. We value our students, their safety and their training. Being the owner, I will not compromise this core value to save money by training several students in a truck. You the student, is too important to us.

AGS offers job placement assistance and even though you've completed your training with AGS, my instructors and I will be there to answer any question that may develop on the road, even after you have gone to work with the company of your choice. You're call is always welcome.

Contact AGS Truck Driver Training and Consultants in Las Vegas, Nevada at (702) 566-8008 to see how our unique training programs will work for you!